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Variable Rates

Variable Rates Loan

Our loans are available with repayments at a variable rate. This means that your monthly repayments may change over time, in line with any movements in general interest rates.

A Low Cost Personal Loan from Lendable Financial Loans And Grants lets you choose from two types of variable rate loans. Standard variable rate - where your repayment amount only changes if there is a significant change in general interest rates.

Base rate tracker - where your monthly repayment changes every time there is a change to either the base rate or AIBOR (America Interbank Offered Rate).

Variable Rate Personal Loan

Whichever type you choose, a variable rate is likely to appeal if you feel that interest rates will remain the same or fall over the period of your loan. Help is at hand. Don't worry if you are unsure which type of loan is best for you. Our qualified team of underwriters will be happy to explain the differences and discuss which option is best for you

Whether it's the perfect engagement ring or the holiday you've been dreaming of, you won't have to put it off with a Variable Rate Personal Loan. Enjoy a competitive interest rate, flexible repayment options and no monthly fees.